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Gazelle with Love

sigh, I love my green Gazelle



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RHC Milano – by Pietro Malegori


A field of 70 riders all on fixed gear track bikes took to the streets of Bovisa for a 15 lap criterium in front of hundreds of spectators. The riders were a mixture of elite level riders and urban cyclists.


Ciao from…trackosaurusrex

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Patrick Seabase’s Simplon Ride

The intention was to create a short clip with a nostalgic feel, which reflects the minimalism and beauty of riding a bike in the early 20th century.

music by Radiohead

…feels good

original video:

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Reel WiP

mir reicht das normale radeln von A nach B – aber schon toll, was man ansonsten noch so alles damit anstellen kann. und außerdem mal wieder sehr schöne aufnahmen.

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