The time when Louis Lane was fat

from & more…Super Punch

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Luke Million – Arnold

soeben auf Feingut gefunden…

Common – More energy!

…retro-elektromusik, aha

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The Dean Martin Hamburger


everywhere they go in this video they find girls.nobody cares about them.

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A virtual tour of Casa Batllo and Barcelona

da wir letztens dort waren und der eintrittspreis dieses gebäudes uns abgeschreckt hat…

virtual klick hier


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Our Cathedrals can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!


Just some star destroyers shopped into art


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nilzenburger schreibt auf nerdcore über karate, musik, freibier

internet at its best…danke!


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Musik-Doku: „Real Scenes: Bristol“

soeben auf dem kraftfuttermischwerk gefunden und hier gespeichert für die nächsten freien 15 minuten des tages…grazie

Real Scenes is a series of films in which we explore the musical, cultural and creative climate within electronic music’s key destinations. We’ll look at the role singular figureheads—producers, DJs, promoters—play in making their city’s music scene a point of world-wide interest. We’ll also look at places, spaces and inspirations, seeking out the essence of what gives these hyper-local scenes a truly global resonance.



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Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean

gestern erst wieder gesehen und deswegen ein weiteres mal auf diesem blog präsentiert:

In this bracing talk, coral reef ecologist Jeremy Jackson lays out the shocking state of the ocean today: overfished, overheated, polluted, with indicators that things will get much worse. Astonishing photos and stats make the case.


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RHC Milano – by Pietro Malegori


A field of 70 riders all on fixed gear track bikes took to the streets of Bovisa for a 15 lap criterium in front of hundreds of spectators. The riders were a mixture of elite level riders and urban cyclists.


Ciao from…trackosaurusrex

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Tired Magazine


*from…boingboing design contest

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