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ROA in Mexico (and Berlin)


ROA in Berlin

from…sofiabudapest @ Flickr


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Zelda with a Portal Gun

ach wie schön ist das denn…

from…Super Punch

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decrease the suck and increase the awesome

Why We Need the James Webb Space TelescopeCosmic Variance

Science! It works!

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Fukushima Foto-Session

die hoffentlich einzig bleibende erinnerung


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„Get the cheese to sickbay“

Unintentionally Hilarious Lines from Science Fiction & Fantasy

from…io9 via neatorama

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Stereo Total – Aua

Fantastic series, that has probably been the most radical, thought provoking television I have seen in many years. Modern human history presented with human vanity stripped away. Only the BBC makes this kind of television. Long may it continue. I love this song too.

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the pretty future: print it!

printable solar panels

solar 3D printer – boingboing

work tool 3D printer – kottke

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Defective Detective by Geller & Lewis

another animated movie short


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soeben auf dem kultursommer gesehen und hat mir sehr gefallen. eine typisch amerikanische action und crime story in einer welt voller logos und marken. 2010 gabs dafür den oscar.


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