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The Lovecraft – A R’lyeh Standard

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Modern Times – Movie Short

Watch Modern Times and you’ll see a quiet, visually impressive meditation on the future. There are no exploding spaceships, no blue aliens and no lasers. And the decision to skip dialog and go with an operatic soundtrack definitely classes up the clip.

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Science – The Ketchup Dispensing Robot

It works perfectly!

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Space-Invader in Varanasi

Am Ende des Ganges, rechts, Abteilung ‚Pixel und Badezimmer‘

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3 minutes

like shorts, especially … if you add light sabers for no reason…


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Life as we know it has to resolve,
What systems it must use to evolve,
And complex mathematical conundrums,
Create a number of crude proto-chemical inductions,
By employing a database of oblique asymptotic reductions.

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gute nacht!

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Guten Morgen


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Pixel pour 2.0 – pixelweise Wasser

Nachdem 2008 in New York die ersten 8-bit Brunnen eröffnet wurden (siehe unten) gibt es nun dieses/letztes Jahr die ersten Pixel Brunnen mit Mode 7.


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seitenweise pandas!,panda

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